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Since 2008, senda has translated thousans of specificants, OA, legal documents in all technical areas including electronics and telecommunications, medical, Bio, chemistry, physics, machine, construction, automotive etc. We have accumulated rich experience and expert technical knowledge.


◥ Domestic and foreign applications(Invention, Utility Model, Design)

◥ Domestic and foreign applications area(China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan etc)

◥ Before Application: Search for Patent allowabilities, Patent invalid, Patent Infringement, Prior art etc

◥ Creating patent Specification which comply with local regulations, writing the request, Tabulation

◥ Translate and transfer Office Notice, Response to OA, make Amendment, Request for Reexamination

◥ Action for infringement of a patent, Adjust disputes 

◥ Assignment and transfer of patent rights 
◥ Annuity of patent