Company Profile

SENDA is a developing intellectual property law office that specializes in intellectual property law, provides translation, research, and application services related to all areas of intellectual property including patents/utility models/designs/and  trademarks.

SENDA registrated incorporation in Beijing, and established subsidiaries in Yanji and Seoul. Thus be able to perfectly carry on Large requests, urgent requests and confidential case requests through smooth communication and regular employee training program.

SENDA has a strong capability when it comes to complex technology with the help of its employees hold undergraduate and advanced degrees in many disciplines, And all members have a thorough professional spirit.

SENDA can promptly and accurately translate Specification/ Claims/ translation of the application documents and the notice issued by the SIPO / OA/ Amendments/ Observation/ Reexamination Application/ and other Legal documents.

SENDA can translate Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese, German, And ensure high-quality translations through a six-step process, including, Translation → Primary Inspection → Secondary Inspection → Check typos, writing errata → Attorney Reviews → Complete and Deliver the translation.

As well, SENDA established a strategic alliance partnership with leading patent office in China, provides patents/ Trademarks application services. also provides China Patents and Trademarks, Patents and Trademark services of China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan area.

SENDA promise to provide the best service with the most preferential price.